Signal Film Company, LLC Documentary Film

Everyone has a story, a mission, a goal, something they’re passionate about. This can include an experience that you want to share, a cause that needs support, an idea you want to promote or really just about anything else that’s important to you. Getting your personal message out there effectively, though, can be a pretty daunting task. In addition to experienced Audio/Video professionals, the Signal Film crew includes seasoned writers, directors and even an acting coach that can help you craft your documentary film and deliver powerful interviews.

Depending on your schedule, budget and goal, our team can provide you with a number of options regarding the overall style of your documentary film that will complement your already magnificent vision. Along with the visual and performance aspects of the project, Signal is also fully equipped and ready to capture rich and driving audio to deepen the message and experience of your documentary. This is particularly important if your documentary film includes interviews or narration – which it most likely will.

Of course, Signal Film doesn’t just record a bunch of stuff and walk away. We will edit everything together, following your vision the whole way. Once it’s all together and fantastic, the documentary can be wrapped up and delivered in whatever format best meets your needs. Along the way, we will be available to offer recommendations based on our extensive experience and research into the larger film production industry.

Chances are pretty good, though, that you have at least a partial crew assembled, ready to produce your documentary film. Which is totally cool with us. Any member of team can break off and fill whatever gaps you need to make your project a success.

As you may have gathered, this process typically requires a sizable amount of communication and collaboration. This, however, is an area in which the Signal Film team excels. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional and just plain easy to work with.