Signal Film Company, LLC Event Videography

Be they large or small, private or public, Signal Film’s Event Videography team is fully prepared to document whatever exciting and inspiring event you might be planning. Our audio and video equipment – backed by our skilled, efficient and energetic team – will completely capture the energy and mood of your event; rather than simply documenting the facts.

Signal’s drones, gimbals, shoulder rigs and vast menagerie of other specialized equipment allows our production professionals to follow the action in a host of situations and capture unique angles as your event progresses. Essentially: if it happens, we can film it.

Even after your event has ended, though, we still have many more useful services to offer. Of course, we are capable of simply handing you the raw, unedited footage of what went on. But, frankly, we would rather not do that. In our experience, the raw footage is simply so comprehensive that it tends to be overwhelming beyond the point of usefulness. Imagine, for example, that you hired us to do event videography for a six hour long event with two cameras and opted for just the raw footage. At the end of the event, then, you would be handed 12 hours worth of video clips. That’s a ton of footage that will probably never get watched.

Instead, let our post-production team sift through all of that information, sort out the highlights and cut together an edited video of your desired length to tell the story of your event in an entertaining and engaging way. In our experience, the ideal highlight reel seems to be between three to five minutes long. If you’d like it to be longer – or shorter – we can handle that, as well. Contact us today with all of the particulars regarding your event and let our experienced team guide you through the entire event videography process.