The Signal Film team has worked on video advertising for a huge array of businesses, ranging from car dealerships and craft breweries to law offices and clothing boutiques. Whatever your business, our team will work with you at every stage of production to develop and produce videos for both TV and social media that will catch the attention of your target audience. To facilitate this process, Signal Film comes fully equipped with a veritable arsenal of audio and video equipment.

As a business owner, you probably already have some idea of how you want your operation to be perceived by potential customers. Often, though, we find that our clients are unsure of how to translate their ideas into the realm of Audio/Video. Fortunately, film is a language that Signal Film speaks fluently. Our team will meet with you to get a feel for your brand and guide you through the entire process of creating exactly the type of content that you need to boost your business. This means that we will take your ideas and develop an overall style for the video advertising project that is totally in harmony with your larger brand identity.

In addition to more traditional commercial videos, Signal Film specializes in the regular and long-term creation of micro-ads intended specifically for building your presence on social media. Rather than the longer videos that one might use for TV and the like, the smaller videos – generally lasting about 30 seconds or so – are designed to very quickly grab the attention of your target audience as they scroll through their feed. The idea here, though, isn’t just that we would hand you one video and be done. Instead, this arrangement would turn the Signal Film team into your personal content creation engine. Contact us today to find out more.