E-commerce Videos

In 2019, a poll by Marist College and National Public Radio (NPR) found that 76% of all American adults shop online. That’s a bunch of people. And that number is only increasing. All of these digital shoppers count on quality, interesting and informative videos to help them make purchasing decisions. 

We can make just such a video. Whether you need a beautiful unboxing or an authentic user generated video, we will deliver.

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Cinematic Commercials

Looking for something a little more polished? We’ve got you. Using high-quality cameras, stabilizers, other assorted gadgets and unrelenting gumption, the Signal team will showcase your product or service. 

But our work here extends far beyond just filming and editing. Based on our own extensive experience in various aspects of marketing and design, we are ready, willing and able to help you craft the story and message of your videos. 

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Event Coverage

A well-crafted video is a perfect way to remember, share and even promote your events. Whether it’s a wedding, a festival or any other type of event, we can help you to record it it stunning detail.

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Interviews and Explainer Videos

Sometimes, you need to tell a story or explain something using a straightforward documentary-style approach. We can handle that, too. Even if you’re uncomfortable being interviewed or just being on camera at all, our experienced team can coach you through the process to make sure your story gets told in the best way possible. 

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